"Kony 2012 and the debate around it are not about Uganda, but about America. Uganda is largely just the stage for a debate over the meaning of political activism in the US today. Likewise, in my view, the Kony 2012 campaign itself is basically irrelevant here in Uganda, and perhaps the best approach might be to just ignore it."

— Adam Branch, senior research fellow at the Makerere Institute of Social Research, Uganda, denounces the “irresponsible advocacy" of Kony 2012.


There’s something strange about the sudden surge in interest in the story of Joseph Kony. This is not to say that the Ugandan figurehead, tied closely to the Lord’s Resistance Army, isn’t worth wide notice (it certainly is). But we’ve gotten numerous requests to cover this story (being pushed by the charity group Invisible Children), and we feel like there’s a strange air around this tale, one that needs a touch of storytelling away from the activism, away from the social media that’s driving the narrative here. Continue on to read our breakdown of the phenomenon.

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If interested, here’s a tumblr post that delves into many of the issues facing Invisible Children, KONY2012 and the problems with their organization and awareness strategies.

Washington Post:

Rush Limbaugh defends violent Lord’s Resistance Army; survivor responds

On his radio show Friday, Rush Limbaugh came to the defense of theLord’s Resistance Army, a notoriously savage group that is believed to have committed an extraordinary number of human rights violations since it was created in 1987.

In criticizing President Obama for announcing he would send 100 U.S. troops to Uganda to help fight the LRA, Limbaugh told his listeners that Obama had sent them to “kill Christians in Africa.” 

Now, a survivor of atrocities committed by the LRA hasrecorded a video appeal to Limbaugh in response.

Twenty-two-year-old Evelyn Apoko was a child when the LRA grabbed her from her home and enslaved her. She was one of an estimated 66,000 children who have met that fate at the hands of the militant group, led by Joseph Kony.

Unlike many of the captured children, however, Apoko managed to escape. In her appeal to Limbaugh, she says that the LRA were known for “brainwashing children and murdering innocent people… The LRA is not Christian.” 

Limbaugh has also come under fire in recent weeks for his contention that the Occupy Wall Street protests are a “construct of the media-Democrat complex, industrial complex.” Limbaugh alleges that Obama and journalists such as Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone Magazine are behind the protests.

Taibbi has responded to Limbaugh’s theoryon his blog by calling it “ludicrous,” and saying the media “didn’t invent four million people in foreclosure… ten trillion dollars in bailouts… [or] Wall Street’s $160 billion bonus pool the year after the crash of its own creation.”

The conservative host has so far not responded to Taibbi or the video message from Apoko.


“If you have the means to help us, please come.”

This morning, we won a Webby (w/Human Rights Watch and photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale) for the powerful “Dear Obama: A Message from the victims of the LRA”

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